Personalized Food Log Coaching & Feedback Subscription: $196/4 weeks

⏩ Find out about:

  • hidden ingredients
  • what you could be eating that's causing symptoms
  • what you could be eating that prevents healing
  • what feeds bacteria & other bugs in the gut
  • what you could be missing that your body needs to heal

 Eat as you normally do
✅ Keep a daily food log & submit weekly
✅ Receive personalized steps and feedback to take each week
✅ Includes our Immune Repair food list with do’s and don’ts
✅ Can be done from your phone or computer (google doc)

cancel any time before your next billing cycle!
72 hour cancel notice required
No refunds/No prorates
🥕 Not a good fit for vegetarians


$196 every 4 weeks ($49 per week)

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🥕 Not a good fit for vegetarians/vegans/plant based

Disclaimer: We do not diagnose or treat any conditions or diseases. We are not a substitute for medical advice. We offer nutritional advice and support to help balance the body. This is not a physician patient relationship. Do not go off any meds without a doctor's approval.

If you miss a week you cannot make it up later.

We cannot make guarantees on outcome and are not able to provide relief for side effects from medications that you may be taking. When followed properly, this program helps to reduce inflammation which improves symptoms and how your body works.

This Food Log Review & Feedback recurring subscription is not refundable for any reason.

It's your responsibility to make sure that the food you eat or avoid are approved by your medical doctor and you do not have any allergies or anaphylaxis. You are solely responsible to decide what you can and cannot eat for your body. This is general advice and not based on your personal body or health history. 

You can cancel anytime within your billing section of your portal or by emailing us to let us know you would like to cancel as long as it's 72 hours before your next billing cycle.

This Food Log Feedback is $96 ($24 per week) for 4 weeks and the charge recurs every 4 weeks unless you cancel.

There are no prorates or refunds for this package.

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