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take the mystery out of your symptoms and get the owner's manual to your body

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  $29 per month


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$29 per month

⏩ If you have ever struggled with trying to figure out WHY you have symptoms and WHAT to do about it, this is for you!

Treat the Source Membership is perfect for you if you:

  ✔️ are ready to find out what won't show up in your labs that your doctor doesn't know to look for OR

 ✔️ received a "blanket" diagnosis that doesn't fix anything OR 

 ✔️ want to know WHY you have symptoms and WHAT to do about it OR

 ✔️ want to know how to reduce inflammation, eliminate symptoms, and boost immune OR 

 ✔️ were told your labs are normal but still feel "off" OR

   If ANY of the above sounds familiar, then this membership is for YOU!

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Here's What's Included

A Private Online Community

This group is hosted 🚫OFF SOCIAL MEDIA.  Connect, ask questions, be heard, and gain clarity. Find out what you don't know about your body and your health. 

Live Q&As with Monica

Join on Zoom for live sessions and Q&As with Monica. Submit anonymous questions in advance through our Questions Form. Listen to replays at your convenience.

Guest Health Expert Sessions

Health experts from all over the country will join us live on Zoom on a variety of topics that impact your health and are not commonly known. Resources will be provided by each speaker. Submit anonymous questions in advance. Replays available for those who can't attend.

Immune Repair Food Coaching with Personalized Feedback

Find out about hidden ingredients, what you could be eating that's causing symptoms, what you could be eating that prevents healing, what feeds bacteria & other bugs in the gut, what you could be missing that your body needs to heal. (discounted for members-subscription every 4 weeks until you cancel) 

Motivation & Accountability

Pop into the community every day for fresh resources, tips, and inspiration. 
Monica is active in this safe space to offer guidance and support.

Resource Library

Access Monica’s Recommendations for health related products and services. Plus, get her Resources Guide including links, videos, and bonus downloads, like the Immune Repair Food List, Water Guide, Toxins Assessment, Why Organic Matters, 7 Steps to Sleep Success and more!

12 Module Online Health Reboot

*included in membership!*

This online systematic guide collapses my 15 years of working with 1:1 clients into an easy-to-follow program with action steps to reduce inflammation, improve symptoms, and boost immune.
Get lifetime access for as long as you remain in the membership!

That’s a $997 value—for free!!

Participate at your own pace because everybody has good days & bad days so there is no pressure.
We are here for you!

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Ready to Join!

Upcoming Talks & Recent Replays 

Dr. Sanda Moldovan

Holistic Dentist and the Hidden Connection to Symptoms

Find Out & Ask Questions re:

What is a holistic/biological dentist and how are they different?

How is each tooth connected to different organs in the body and what does that mean? (Review of Tooth Meridian Chart)

Why should you never get a root canal?

What is a "cone beam scan" and how can it find hidden infection that x-rays cannot?

Dr. Ruth Roberts 

Holistic Veterinarian and Pet Coach/Nutrition

Find Out & Ask Questions re:

What about nutrition and food and why are some packaged foods causing more harm than good?

What are some of the common chronic diseases seen in dogs at younger ages these days and why has it increased?

How can you minimize the impact of "spay-neuter syndrome"?

Monica Hershaft

Chronic Mystery Illness Expert,

Find Out & Ask Questions re:

Immune Repair Food List with Do's and Don'ts

Which food & ingredients to avoid that cause symptoms & impair healing

Which food and ingredients to incorporate that facilitate healing 

Why animal protein is essential to healing and why your body can't heal without it 

Trina Felber

Non-Toxic Beauty Expert-Avoid Botox, Surgery & Fillers

Find Out & Ask Questions re:

Coming soon!


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Upcoming Live Q&A Session Topics:

Heart Health, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol🔹Women's Health and Hormones🔹Gut Health🔹Lyme Disease🔹Bone & Joint Osteo Health🔹Alternative Non Toxic Beauty🔹Breast Implant Illness🔹Mold and Mycotoxins🔹 Lyme Disease 🔹 EMF Exposure & Illness🔹 Men's Health🔹Chronic Pain🔹Physical Fixable Imbalances Causing Depression & Anxiety🔹Nutrition & Animal Protein🔹Skin🔹Pregnancy🔹Why Organic Matters🔹Other People's Health Stories & Journeys🔹Why Supplements Can Cause Symptoms🔹Parasites, Bacteria, Fungus, Viruses, and more! 

Meet Monica

Responsible for healing thousands of people struggling with chronic illness, Monica Hershaft has established herself as a true trailblazer in the wellness space. 

Monica is a Holistic Health Practitioner and Nutritional Consultant with Advanced Clinical Training Certification in NRT, a bestselling author and motivational wellness speaker. 

After 14 years building one of the top-rated wellness centers in Los Angeles, she relocated to Scottsdale, AZ where she works 1:1 in person with clients to help those who are struggling with chronic symptoms and can't get a real diagnosis, to get their health and life back.

Holistic health practitioner & nutrition expert certified in NRT/ACT 

✔️ Founder of the top rated holistic health & nutrition practice with over 75 five-star reviews

✔️ #1 Amazon bestselling author of the book, Treat the Source, Not the Symptom

✔️ Listed by CBS as one of the top 10 holistic health & nutrition experts in the nation

✔️ Featured guest expert speaker in multiple national health summits, TV shows, & podcasts

✔️ Survived and now THRIVING and symptom free at 57 years old after a 10 year debilitating chronic mystery illness


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