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Treat the Source Online Community is for you if you struggle with chronic symptoms, whether you have been given a diagnosis or not, and:

  • have been told nothing  is wrong with you and it's probably in your head but you know that doesn't feel right to you

  • were put on meds to squash the symptoms but it's just causing more symptoms and not working well anyway

  • received a b*llsh!t blanket diagnosis to label your symptoms with no solutions

  • want to know how to take better care of yourself and be more in control of your body and your health 
  • you feel like there HAS to be a better way!

  • want accountability, clarity, relief from overwhelm, support, alternatives

  • are sick and tired of being sick and tired and don't want to do this alone anymore

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A Private Online Community 🚫 OFF SOCIAL MEDIA: Connect, feel understood, "gotten", supported, because we GET what you are going through! Our community is full of resources, tips, and help!

✅ Bonus items including  Immune Repair Food List with Do's and Don'ts, Water Guide AND MORE

✅ Monica's Recommendations Page with links, discounts and offers from other health related services and products that you can optionally use! 

✅ Motivational Mindset Mondays: tips and hacks for morning routines, habits, mindset and meditations. 

✅ Toxin Tuesdays: how to eliminate toxic burden in your daily life and how that impacts your health-tips & hacks to get rid of hidden immune suppressing toxins

✅ Wellness Wednesdays with Monica: LIVE ZOOM sessions with Monica covering different health related topics including Q&A and LIVE interviews with different health experts with Q&A (anonymous questions allowed!) You can access the recordings inside.

✅ Throwback Thursdays: Sharing personal stories and tips for how to handle your health. Sharing our wins and how we have overcome so many of the challenges and obstacles that we've encountered along the way! This is your time to share if you want to.❤️

✅ Foodie Fridays: Let's talk FOOD and what are some of your favorite recipes that follow the Immune Repair Food List? What about meal deliveries? Plus some tips and resources for how to eat out, what to ask, and how to stick to the right foods for your health!


Join Us Here

Hi, I’m Monica! As someone who struggled for 10 years with a chronic mystery illness, I know what it feels like to be sick not be able to find any answers.

"I couldn't work and was so weak & fatigued that I couldn't think straight or stand up long enough to take a shower. I couldn't sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time (for years), couldn't eat solid food without horrible pain, had heart palpitations, severe brain fog, mood swings, and the skin was painfully coming off of my face and sometimes bleeding for no apparent reason. I felt crazy."

The docs said that nothing was wrong with me. My labs were normal. I knew that wasn't true so I kept searching until I got real answers and got my health back and have never been sick again since.

NOTHING I tried worked for me. Anything I did just made me sicker and weaker until I found the underlying reason why this was happening to me and treated what was blocking my nervous system from working properly.

I also had to change my nutrition even though I thought I was a healthy eater! I was wrong...I had been eating food that was compromising my health and I had NO idea.

I haven't been sick for the last 15 years and counting. I feel better at 57 years old than I did in my 20's!  Now, I have no symptoms, my energy is great and I sleep like a baby.

My "super power" is the strength to never give up.  I'm someone who went through this and I know exactly how you feel and how it impacts your life and how to help guide you.

I created this private community for you to help you get your health back on track and understand how your body works. I want you to have resources, information, and guidance because that was something I didn't get when I was sick and it was the thing that could have saved me so much time, money and suffering. Let me support you and help you along the way on your own personal health journey!

~Monica Hershaft HHP, NC, ACT NRT

✔️ Holistic health practitioner & nutrition expert certified in NRT/ACT providing 1:1 in person visits

✔️ Founder of the top rated holistic health & nutrition private practice with over 70+ 5 star reviews (2008)

✔️ #1 Amazon bestselling author of the book, Treat the Source, Not the Symptom

✔️ Listed by CBS as one of the top 10 holistic health & nutrition experts in the nation

✔️ Featured speaker and guest health expert in multiple national health summits & international podcasts