the live-streaming health event for people with chronic symptoms


Find out how you got symptoms & how to get to the root cause.

Learn how to get your health back on track & feel like YOU again!


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Have you been from doctor to doctor only to be told

"Your labs are normal" or "Nothing is wrong with you" 

It's not true. You can have fixable issues that won't show up in traditional labs and we can help with that.

Do you feel like

"I've tried EVERYTHING but nothing is working!"

We will explain how you could have hidden blocks to healing and what to do about it.

Are you on meds to "squash" symptoms & it's not helping?

That's because you need to Treat the Source Not the Symptom!


the live-streaming health event for people with chronic symptoms


📆 Saturday May 28th ⏰1pm-5pm 💻 Online

Is this for you? Get help for chronic conditions including:

✔️Ulcer/ Colitis
✔️Leaky Gut

✔️Food Sensitive
✔️Brain Fog
✔️Chron Fatigue

✔️Hormonal Imbalance
✔️Hair Loss
✔️Lichen Sclerosus

✔️Chronic UTI
✔️Interstitial cystitis
✔️Hyper or Hypo Thyroid

✔️Mold Illness
✔️Multiple Sclerosis

✔️Dental Infections/Pain
✔️Atrial Fib
✔️Chronic Pain


local holistic doctors & practitioners

Jack Wolfson

Integrative Cardiologist

We can help you repair heart health, avoid surgeries, and get off your meds using nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle changes including chiropractic & coaching. We provide testing and treat the root cause instead of meds to squash symptoms. Many other symptoms and health issues resolve in addition to heart related conditions! We also offer many online options in addition to our  in person practice.

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Monica Hershaft

Chronic Mystery Illness

We customize a naturopathic treatment program personalized for your unique body so NO two programs are alike. Using Applied Kinesiology with NRT, we identify and address blocks to healing so the body will respond properly. Treat the underlying source of what's causing the imbalance INSTEAD of trying to squash the symptom with a band-aid that won't last! Book an Exam & Body Analysis today and feel like you again!

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Eniko Loud

Holistic Dentist & Oral Surgery

Did you know that each tooth is connected to a different organ in the body and can impact disease and overall health? We offer a patient-centered approach, addressing problems at the root cause instead of treating symptoms. We consider genetic, physiological, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health & disease creating a unique protocol for each patient.

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Sabrina Solt

Naturopathic MD
Chronic Pain & Neuro

 It is my mission to help as many people as I can to truly recover from autoimmune, chronic pain & neurological damage while simultaneously optimizing their overall health. I am absolutely magical with a needle and live for getting my patients out of pain with my injection skills. I am thrilled to be considered on your healing journey and provide you with a level of care and compassion that is unmatched.

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Shawna Eischens

Naturopathic Physician & NET
Emotional Support & Clearing

Did you know that emotional trauma can manifest as physical symptoms in your body? I am passionate about providing expert guidance as to WHY you have been struggling while offering HOPE to help you heal from the inside out. NET can clear the emotional baggage from your body. The body is brilliantly designed to heal. THRIVE instead of just survive. No case is too challenging and you too deserve to heal!

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This event is over BUT fill out this form with your info and we will reach out when we come to a city near you!

What Happened to Me & My "Why"

Hi! I'm Monica Hershaft and as someone who struggled for 10 years with a chronic mystery illness, I know what it feels like to be sick and unable to function.

"I couldn't work and was so weak & fatigued that I couldn't think straight or stand up long enough to take a shower. I couldn't sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time (for years), couldn't eat solid food without horrible pain, and the skin was coming off of my face leaving it painful and sometimes bleeding for no apparent reason. I felt crazy."

The docs said that nothing was wrong with me. I knew that wasn't true so I kept searching until I got real answers and got my health back and have never been sick again since.

Now, I have no symptoms, my energy is great and I sleep like a baby.

I haven't been sick for even a day in the last 14 years and counting. I feel better at 55 years old than I did in my 20's!

My "super power" is the strength to never give up. I have a never-ending belief that ANY body can be healed. I'm someone who went through this and I know exactly how you feel and how it impacts your life and how to help you.